Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Looks like I am staying in Agoura Hills!

To my lovely Mom and Dad,

It has been another great week here in Agoura Hills! It has been really great to work with only Sister Randall this week. We work really well together because we are laid back but hardworking missionaries. It has been such a pleasure to spend a whole week with just her at my side. I love and respect her so much.We have learned so much this week because we didn't have Sister Di Liberto to always show us where to go or what to do. It was a wonderful learning experience and I feel like I have gotten to know this area so much better in the last week. This has been a week where I feel like I have genuinely felt like I have gave it my all. I feel like I have gave all my effort to serving the Lord and talking to as many people as possible. 
We got this ginormous Book of Mormon for one of our investigators
who cannot see very well. hahaha it is the hugest thing!
We started visiting this less active member this week. She has a slight mental handicap and says that because of this handicap she is unable to feel spiritual things. We met with her this week and tried to teach her and help her develop a testimony of a Heavenly Father who loves her and cares about everything that is going on in her life. We were also able to see Chris and Pam (our recent converts remember?) a few times this week. Pam had injured a muscle in her leg recently so she is basically stuck on the couch in a full leg brace. She doesn't let that stop her though! She has been working so hard on her family history work and she has fallen in love with it! She loves to show us how far her family line goes back and we sometimes hear her calling her relatives to show them or ask them for  information so she can do more family history work. Chris and Pam volunteered to have us over for dinner this week and Pam even signed up to go with us on splits later this week. They are such giving people and are becoming missionaries already!

Last Sunday we had a miracle. A member in the Agoura 2nd ward is dating a nonmember and brought her to church. Last Sunday she just walked up to us and introduced herself and said, "I want to know more about this church. I would love to meet with you." You would be surprised how often people just show up or are brought to church in Agoura Hills and tell us that they want us to teach them. Every time that happens I have been shocked and amazed how prepared some people are. We had a wonderful lesson with this woman. We found out that she has already been to the temple visitor's center and has already started to read The Book of Mormon. She is such a great person and was soaking up everything we taught her. We committed her to be baptized on August 31st and she said yes! I really can't wait to meet with her again this week because she is such a nice person and sincerely wants to know if this church is true. Miracles happen every day here!

Sister Randall and I love our new chairs!
Hey, we've seen that expression before. Maybe she just REALLY loves chairs!
 Last Tuesday we had to move apartments. It seriously took Sister Randall and me all day to pack everything up, move all the way to just the next apartment building over in our complex, and unpack/organize everything. We moved from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom apartment. It is HUGE and we have 2 showers. We lucked out, plus when they helped us move, they have us two comfy chairs and some extra things! Sister Randall and I eat cereal in those chairs every morning and use them to lounge in during our hardcore nightly planning. Seriously, I am so blessed every day! Could it really get any better here?

Yesterday I gave a talk in church about letting your light so shine and being an example. Of course I tied that into missionary work and how all the members need to be examples to their friends and invite their friends to every activity. All they have to do is invite and we do all the teaching and bring up all those awkward conversations they don't want to have in the first place. Remember that!

Sweet Sis. Mahterian, our mom away from home
Today Sister Mahterian took us to lunch and grocery shopping. She is seriously the best! Mom you don't have to worry, she and many other people in the ward are taking great care of me. We went to this old Jewish deli cafe place called Agoura Deli. It was so tasty! Their daughter Erika is going back on her mission tomorrow (she had to go home between the MTC and Chile because she had to get a tumor removed and wait to be cleared) so I am so sad to see her leave!  I love her so much. She is the funniest and just such a great person.

Erika Mahterian and me
Tomorrow we are having transfers! I am staying in Agoura Hills and getting a new trainer named Sister Casper. I have seen her around because she is in our zone and I have heard she is just a fantastic missionary! I am so happy to be staying here!!!!! I feel like I finally know the area here and I love love love the members and people we are teaching. I just can't wait to see what this transfer has in store for me!

Sister Mason

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