Monday, July 1, 2013

The Field Is White

Dear Mom and Dad,

Guess what?  I SAW SISTER SNOW AT PEP BOYS LAST PDAY!! We had to get our oil changed and she was there getting something done on their car too! I basically died I was so happy!

Me with my MTC companion Sister Snow at Pep Boys
[Here is what Sis. Snow said in her own blog about this event:
"On Preparation Day last week I ran into Sister Mason and her companion at Pep Boys.  (We had to get our oil changed.) Our jaws dropped and we both just kind of stood there! Then we gave each other a big hug! It was a tender mercy to see her that day! I found it crazy that for only knowing her 12 days I missed her so much."]
I still love being in a trio. I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to be able to learn from both Sister DiLiberto and Sister Randall.  Sister DiLiberto is a Salt Lake visitor's center missionary and is leaving our mission in 3 weeks and then will be back at the visitor's center for just one more transfer. She is a seasoned veteran! She did not know English before her mission and I am so impressed at how well she speaks. Honestly many times I forget that she just barely learned English.  She has been in this area for her whole outbound mission here [6 months] and so she knows her way around here and basically knows everyone in the church here! Sister Randall has been out for about 3 and a half months now and she is absolutely wonderful! She is our driver of our mission car and does such a great job. Both of them have been just so great to be around. Things have been so great with them because we just laugh so hard at the many, many awkward conversations we have on a daily basis. It is crazy because it seems like with 3 of us, we push each other more and work harder. Lately, I have been observing them and trying to take note on what they do best.

My companions. Seriously, I am so blessed to have them!

This week has been great because I have been learning how to fully understand the investigators needs and adapt the lesson to them. It has been hard to jump right in teaching people because I do not know their background or things they need. I have been learning how to better get to know people in such a short amount of time and ask Heavenly Father for help with what they might need. It has been hard for me to learn but I have been working on it! 

So we live in apartments, we are fed dinner every night by members, and we drive a car around everywhere. The members here have been absolutely amazing! They are so willing to work with us and are always looking out for us. This week a family was moving and someone called us and asked us if we wanted the food from their fridge and freezer. That was so nice! We got TONS of food so we will be set for a while. We decided for our district meeting the next day that we would make food for lunch. We had a nice buffet of bbq pork sandwiches, sweet potato fries, pot stickers, watermelon, and cookies. Ha,ha it wasn't as nice as it sounds but it was so much fun and we had a feast! I will send a picture of my district soon.

This week we saw tons of people! We met with some of our investigators, less active members, and random people. It was a great week. Saturday was such a miracle though! We really wanted to reach our goals for the week and knew that some miracles had to happen for us to accomplish them. We were able to find people home who we had tried to see a few times earlier in the week. We also visited a referral and were surprised to see how nice they were and that they wanted to meet with us next week. We also went to see someone we had talked to and gave a Book of Mormon to a week or so ago. Her son actually answered the door and was curious to know what we taught and said he is open to different religions and might stop by our ward next week! We were so surprised to meet him and we are excited that we can go back and talk to both of them now. It was just amazing to see that people almost everywhere we went, people decided to let us in or let us teach them even if it was just for a few minutes. So many people seemed to want to talk to us and people were popping up from nowhere! Even though it was a very hot day (it was over 100 degrees), we weren't miserable at all. We just felt so blessed and were so excited to meet these people who were prepared for us to come.

Chris, Pam, and Alyssa dressed in white!

Yesterday was baptism day! IT WAS AMAZING! It was such a wonderful service and the spirit was so strong.  I am just so proud of Chris and Pam and the change they have made in their lives! They have come so far already and have stayed strong even when this week has been a struggle for them. It was wonderful to hear their testimonies at their baptism to see how much they have grown and their absolute love for their Savior Jesus Christ.  Their daughter Alyssa is so sweet and she honestly knows so much more than I knew when I got baptized!

After the baptism with President and Sister Castro

We are blessed every single day!

Love you so much!!!
-Sister Mason

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