Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July


This week has been another great week! This week we taught a new investigator Norma. We taught her The Plan of Salvation and it was really cool because she has been a really religious person her whole life. She kept telling us about experiences in her life and things that she has learned about prayer or about other principles and would say "tell me if this is crazy..." and then tell us a story. Every time we would be shocked and say no that isn't crazy at all that is exactly what we believe! It was really interesting and impressive to see that even though she did not grow up in the church, she still believes so much of what we as members of the church know to be true.

We taught another investigator Margeaux this week. Let me just tell you that I love Margeaux. We went over to her house and watched the talk from general conference "Lord, I Believe." She liked that talk so much that she wanted to watch more so we watched two more shorter conference talks with her. My favorite thing about her is that she is so excited when we come over and she just soaks up whatever we teach or show her. She also is so nice, sweet, friendly, ans she even invites members herself to come with her to our lessons! She also asked us if she could have some type of calling even though she is not a member of this church yet because she wants to do something to give back to the church. She is really the greatest and she is like a second mom to Sister Randall, Sister DiLiberto, and me. She always has snacks for us when we come over and this time she sent us home with a ton of fruit.

We also taught one of our investigators Shannon again and she is planning on getting baptized this Saturday! We had Family Home Evening with her and her family to show them how FHE works. It was so great to be with her family and see how much her and her family have grown in the church and really come together as a family. You can really tell that her and her husband want to do what's best. I am just so happy for her and her decision to be baptized. She has been wanting to be baptized for a while now and so we are so excited that this day is finally coming!

At our ward 4th of July breakfast

4th of July was great! We had a ward pancake breakfast and a lot of our investigators came! It was so much fun and little kids even decorated their bikes and scooters and did a little parade. We were a little bummed because we could hear fireworks in our apartment but we looked out of our windows and couldn't see anything. It was okay though, we got to go around and try to talk to tons of people that day and it was great! For dinner, the members had some people over and we had a 4th of July BBQ. It was just a great, patriotic day. By the way, we made Sister DiLiberto go all out for the 4th of July. We sang only patriotic songs for a week for the beginning of our companion study. Haha she loved it though!

A member's animal bushes all decorated for the 4th

Yesterday was Sister Randall's Birthday! It was so funny because at church I told the family whose house we were going over for dinner that it was her birthday. We basically told every one we saw at church that it was her birthday. Anyways, at dinner the little kids were so excited! They made her this little Happy birthday banner and wrapped some of their toys and gave them to her. It was seriously the cutest thing ever!  It was sad that yesterday was fast sunday because we wanted to make her a birthday breakfast. We made her breakfast this morning and went shopping for a little bit at TJ MAXX today for her birthday. We have been trying to make it a great birthday for her

We get to go to the LA temple next week!! We get to go once a year in the month of our birthday. The bonus is that we get to go for Sister Randall's birthday and then I get to go again next month for my birthday!

I love these Sisters!

I still love my companions. They are amazing. Sister DiLiberto's knowledge of the gospel and the Preach My Gospel lessons is impressive. The great thing about her is that she knows so much but doesn't take over the whole conversation. She lets Sister Randall and me have the opportunity to teach and learn. Sister Randall is so nice and reminds us all the time to be exactly obedient in everything we do. When she speaks you can tell the great love she has for everyone we teach and she always has wonderful things to say. They both are great examples to me. Seriously though, can you tell how spoiled I am here?

Twin Sisters

Mom, you would be shocked.. I now am a salad eater. I never knew that would happen to me but every night when we have dinner at members' houses I eat the salad. I know, I am a totally different person! Also, somehow I now love potato salad. What has happened to me?

SO much love,
Sister Mason

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