Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tough Situations and Hard Questions


This week has been great! It has definitely been an interesting week to get used to the area and for Sister Casper and me to get used to teaching together. It has been funny or awkward at times but it has been great over all! I really like working with Sister Casper. We got along right away and it is interesting to see how she is strong in the areas I lack and vice versa.  It has been great because whenever I don't know what to say she usually has something to say and when one of us is frustrated the other will just keep talking or keep going. It is pretty amazing to see! It has already been a great experience to learn from her and work with her and it has only been less than a week! Sister Casper is 21 years old and from West Jordan, Utah. She is such a mellow person and a great missionary! She loves to bake so it looks like we will have to have a baking day on some pday!

Sister Casper and Me!!
This week I learned how to handle tough situations and hard questions. We had people ask us some tough questions and we had situations that were pretty difficult but it helped me learn how to respond/react to objections. I know it will take me a while to fully learn how to react in those situations but this week helped me a lot!

Sister Randall's last day in Agoura. Those are some of the
people we had dinner with that night in our ward!
This week we were able to meet with one of our new investigators. We taught her The Plan of Salvation and she is just one of those people that says throughout the lesson "yep, that makes sense." She is really easy to teach and is willing to keep commitments. She is so nice and so we love her already! She also came to church and I was nervous because our Gospel Principles lesson was on The Word of Wisdom and we hadn't talked to her about it yet. She responded great in the lesson and seemed to not have a problem!

The reunion of Sister Snow and Sister Mason at transfer meeting!
We were both so excited to see each other!

We also started teaching two new investigators this week (a mother and her son). Sister Randall and I had contacted the mom tracting last week and she invited us back. Sister Casper and I had a great lesson with them this week and set them both with baptismal dates! It was a really awkward lesson because it was the first time Sister Casper and I taught The Restoration together but it ended up great! Hahah, I really wish you guys could have seen that because it would have been really funny to watch!

Look who I saw at our transfer meeting! I love Hermana Linford!
Hopefully one day I will be blessed to be in the same district as her.
We also had a miracle this week when had tried to call one of our investigators earlier in the week and she had not responded so we decided to drop by her house. We were frustrated because as we were driving, we missed the road that leads to her street so we had to take a longer route to get there. Right when we pulled up, she pulled up in her car and invited us in. We taught her The Plan of Salvation and she surprisingly told us that she was starting to feel that this gospel was something that she was starting to really want. We talked to her last about two weeks ago and when we invited her to be baptized she was very reluctant. It was a surprise that she seemed to change her mind since the last time we saw her and it was a miracle that we were able to catch her home! It was a miracle too because she also told us that she was going out of town the next morning so if we had tried to see her just a day later we would have missed her.
I still love it here, in case you are wondering :)
Sister Mason

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