Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The MTC is... a great, wonderful experience and a spiritual high (1st Letter)

Joyful Sister Melia Joy Mason enters the MTC on June 5, 2013

June 7, 2013

Dear Mom and Dad,

The MTC has been such a great experience!  Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given me as I have been preparing for my mission!  I love you guys so much and hope you guys aren’t having too much fun without me already!  (Ha, ha)

I love my companion, Sister Snow, already.  It has only been a little over 48 hours and I already appreciate her so much.  She is so friendly, kind, spiritual and hilarious.  We really get along well and I genuinely enjoy being around her.  We laugh about how a lot of times during meals we just ignore our whole zone that we eat with, and just talk to each other.  She is seriously so great and we have both learned a lot from each other.  BTW – She is from Holladay, Utah and is 23 years old.

In my zone we have 11 sisters and 8 elders.  Sister Snow and I estimated that the MTC looks like 50/50 elders to sisters.  On our first day here, we were told that over 900 missionaries entered the MTC that day.  That is a record high so far.

The MTC has seriously been a wonderful experience!  My teachers are great, the hours and hours of personal study and companion study have gone by pretty quick, and I feel like I am learning so much.  The one thing I have had to get used to is all the companion prayers.  We pray before and after everything we do and so Sister Snow and I easily forget to do that.  Today we dominated though!  I don’t think we forgot a single prayer!

The MTC has definitely been a spiritual high.  The spirit is so strong here and you seriously can’t help but know every second of the day of the truthfulness that is being taught.  I know that my time at the MTC is going to fly by, so I am trying to soak it in as much as possible.  It has been overwhelming at times to try to understand and apply all that we are being taught in such a small amount of time.  Overall, I am loving it even though it is exhausting!  I love you guys so much!          

 <3 Sister Mason

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