Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pre MTC time in Salt Lake City

Before Melia left for the MTC, we spent time in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah. On Monday and Tuesday of this week we were at Temple Square and what a wonderful experience that was! We were able to do an endowment session and do sealings together in the Salt Lake Temple, take tours of Temple Square and the Conference Center, eat delicious meals at The Lion House and The Nauvoo Cafe, and just spend quality time together. The best part was that we saw missionaries everywhere. It was especially great to have a sweet set of sister missionaries take us around Temple Square. It was sweet because they gave Melia some great advice and were able to relate everything they showed us and taught us to what she will be doing on her mission. Melia's favorite part was interacting with all the missionaries because she says it showed her more of what to expect on her mission and got her excited to enter the MTC. This trip was just the perfect thing for us to do as a family before Melia left for her mission.

The beautiful Salt Lake Temple!

We were able to do a live temple session and do some family sealings here

Panoramic view of the Christus

This sister missionary was able to meet some really great people
on temple square, including some really great sister missionaries
who gave her encouragement and great advice
Sister Mason and Mom at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

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