Saturday, June 15, 2013

Only at the MTC...

My roommates in room 209 (aka Sis. Snow, Sis. Anderson, Sis. Hegstrom, Sis. Cusick and I) made a list of things that only happen at the MTC.  It is seriously funny because it is so true!  Some of them are particular to our group, (inside jokes, real life incidents) but anyone who has been there can relate.  Hope you enjoy it!

Only at the MTC…

 1.  Do you get free acting lessons.
 2.  Are you jealous of other people doing laundry.
 3.  You say “I just want to read my scriptures!”
 4.  Do you experience 20-30 year-olds singing “Called to Serve” at you.
 5.  Do you have hymns sung to you while on the toilet.
 6.  Do you feel weird that there’s not a closing prayer for breakfast.
 7.  Does the intercom announce there will be “male maintenance workers”
      coming to our floor.
 8.  Are church jokes really funny.
 9.  Do you forget you were given a first name.
10.  Do you get weirded out when you see a guy and a girl standing alone
11.  Do you have a constant “third wheel” in your photos.
12.  Nothing is strange anymore.
13.  Do you get so excited to wear tennis shoes.
14.  Waking up at 6:30 AM is sleeping in.
15.  Dinner is at 4:20 PM.
16.  “Outside world” stories like dating and hanging out are soooo
17.  When you see a cell phone, you want to touch it.
18.  Does finding Parmesan cheese for your spaghetti make your day.
19.  Is your best accessory a water bottle.
20.  Do you on Wednesdays, as a group, wear polka dots.
21.  Does the intermediate hymn have an intermediate hymn.
22.  Does Diet Coke feel like a drug.
23.  Do you go to bed at 10:30PM on a Friday night with 5 other girls
       in your room.
24.  Do you relate rocks to prophets and garbage bins to the apostasy.
25.  Do you leave an hour early to get to a devotional.
26.  Sunday night “movies” are General Conference talks.
27.  Do you have 5 extra minutes at lunch and don’t know what to do.
28.  Does a stranger from your hometown become your best friend.
29.  Does a teacher get mad at you for having an apple in your desk.
30.  Does deep doctrine make you squeal!
31.  Is family love measured in mail weight.
32.  You are so excited to go to the temple.
33.  Does your roommate have envelopes made of scrapbook paper.
34.  Going to the bookstore is the most real life experience you get in a day.
35.  Do you feel like being there a week makes you own the world.
36.  You are the cool kid for going English speaking.
37.  Do people talk to you in 5 different languages that you don’t
38.  Do about 50 girls turn around when hearing the word “Sister.”
39.  Do you get peer pressured into shaving your arms.
40.  Are people jealous of your hanging jewelry organizer.
41.  Do you feel guilty bumping into an Elder.
42.  Is there always someone wearing your outfit.
43.  Do 18-year-old boys carry around hankies for crying girls.
44.  Do you feel like a scriptorian when you go to a reference and it is
       already highlighted!
45.  Do you have to try to convert your teacher if you are late for class.
46.  Do you fight about the opening hymn.
47.  The only way to take out your frustration is to play foursquare.

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