Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sister Mason's Parents Visit the Mission Home!

[This blog post is written by Sister Mason's parents, Jeff & Amy.]

When we were in California for our son Brock's medical school graduation we were only 45 minutes from Melia on her mission. We were briefly tempted to spy on her, or "accidentally" run into her, but we knew that it was a bad idea, as well as against mission rules.

We did, however, hope to meet her mission president. Melia loves President Castro and his family. He's being released in July, so he won't be there when we go back after Melia's mission. We asked him if it would be possible to meet him while we were in town. He invited us to come to their home on a Saturday afternoon. We ended up spending 2 hours with him, his sweet wife, and their 2 youngest children.

What a great experience that was! We can see why Melia loves them all so much. We're glad to see that she's in good hands, with people who love her almost as much as we do. We also saw how beautiful the area is where she has been serving. We can see why she loves it so much.

On the way to the mission home in Ventura we passed by Melia's
first area, Agoura Hills. What a beautiful place that is!

We had lunch at one of Melia's favorite places in Agoura Hills, Habit Burger.
We knew that she'd get a kick out of us eating there.

The California Ventura Mission office is located in a church building. The back
side has a gate to the parking lot. We loved that it has an angel Moroni on it.

Check out the shiny copper dome.

Amy with President & Sister Castro and their 2 youngest children

Jeff & Amy with President & Sister Castro

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