Monday, May 5, 2014

Many Many Miracles

My Sweet Family,

There were too many miracles this week to even try to explain! One happened when we went to visit a former investigator D. When we showed up at her house she wasn't very friendly, but then she ended up inviting us in to talk to her. At first she started telling us about she was taught by missionaries for about a year and went to church in Agoura with one of her friends who is a member. Then she started to explain all the beef she had with the church. She really didn't seem to like us very much at first, but as we talked to her she started to warm up! We tried to answer some of the questions she had and talked to her a little bit more about her life.

After a while she told us that she has been having a really hard time since she had surgery a few weeks ago, and she is getting sick of being home all alone every day. She told us that she had been praying that morning that God would show her that he is still aware of her, and then we showed up. She said that it was strange because missionaries haven't been over in 4 years, and now when she needs them the most they show up! We told her that it wasn't a coincidence at all, and that we there to answer her prayers! It was one of those moments that completely showed that Heavenly Father has a hand in this work. There are so many instances where we are guided by The Spirit without even noticing it. She was very friendly when it was time for us to leave and she also even invited us to come back.

We had too much fun at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and
Museum here in Simi Valley. Lots of interesting things to see.

Another miracle happened when we went to visit a less-active woman. Our Primary president told us last week to go visit her because she has a Primary-age child that hasn't been to Primary. We decided to stop by last week and she was so friendly and let us in. She told us her story about always being active, going to BYU-Idaho, and wanting to serve a mission, and then she ended up marrying a non-member and eventually fell away from the church. She is such an adorable young mother and she was so kind.

She told us how about a week or so ago she decided that she absolutely wanted to come back to church. Just before that, we decided to call all the less-active members in the ward to try to make appointments with them. She told us that just about an hour and a half after she decided that she wanted to come back to church, she got our voice mail saying that we wanted to meet with her. We were so excited to hear that and especially that she wants to start coming back for herself and her two kids. It still amazes me every day how our Heavenly Father has perfect timing with everything. It is so true that he is orchestrating everyone's lives so that we can live up to our potential and help everyone else along the way.

Guess who I saw at the Reagan Presidential Library? Brother Ray from Agoura Hills!
I knew he was a docent (volunteer tour guide) there and I was really hoping
he worked on Mondays so I could see him and his wife!

Another wonderful thing that happened was when we met with M this week! We brought a member with us and we taught him the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. It was a pretty basic, straightforward lesson, but he absolutely LOVED it. We were very surprised when he told us that this was his very favorite lesson we have taught him. He told us that this was exactly what he needed to hear that day. I have never gotten that type of response about that lesson, but he was so excited to start living both of those commandments!

He also came to church again this week! He came early again and went to some of the classes in the other ward that meets in our building, then he came to ALL 3 hours of our block. He was at church for about 4 and a half hours yesterday. He absolutely loves church and this ward is just soaking him up!

Us and the Hermanas at the Reagan Library

Two of our investigators, J and B, also came to church this week! During the week we had a great lesson with them on The Gospel of Jesus Christ and we talked a lot about the purpose of baptism. They were both really sweet and had many questions. We invited them to both pray about them getting baptized by Christ's authority, so we will see what they have to say next week.

At church it was really precious because we asked them if they would want to come to class with us after sacrament meeting, but they told us that they had things to do this week. J told us that he is really looking forward to coming to class soon though because he "really wants to get answers" to his questions about the Book of Mormon and about this church. He is such a sweet man and he is loving the Book of Mormon. He is so sincere and he has really been reading more and thinking about the things we have been teaching them.

A part of the Berlin Wall at the Reagan Library

We also met with G and her mom this week! We had a great lesson on obedience, the Ten Commandments, and keeping the Sabbath day holy. G is just so smart! She goes to a private Christian school where she learns so much about Jesus Christ and the Bible. She basically taught US the whole lesson! She was able to explain all the Ten Commandments to us and her mother. I love teaching her because she already understands everything we teach her!

The sweetest part of our meeting was when her mother was telling us about how her life has changed as she has wanted to come back to church. She told us how much peace she has gotten as she reads the Book of Mormon every night, and she said that she is able to understand much more this time. She also told us how happy she is now and how she feels so much closer to God. That really just touched me when she told us how happy this has made her and her family! G and her mom came to all three hours of church yesterday and G just loved going to Young Women's!

Sister Proctor and me at the Regan library

All around, everything is going so well here in Simi Valley. I love this ward with all my heart! They are incredibly helpful and love missionary work. Every Sunday so many of the ward members come up to us and ask us how they can help us, and they tell us that we are always free to teach lessons in their homes. I really just love it because the ward is really involving us in their work, and they also want to help us so bad in the missionary work!

The Book of Mormon Times ward party!
This weekend there was a ward fundraiser for all the youth to go to either Girls Camp
or Scout Camp. The theme was "Book of Mormon Times" and they went ALL OUT!
Pictured are Gianna, her dad, Sister Jorden, Magnus, Sister Proctor, and Me!

It is also so great that Sister Proctor is a chef (did I tell you she graduated from culinary school before her mission) and I am a baker. It also helps that we both are really crafty. It had actually got us into many doors because of the things we are both interested in! It has been so great to see, and the ward just loves it! 

We were able to help out a ton with the ward activity this weekend and it was so much fun! The ward also wants me to teach a cupcake decorating class for the Relief Society activity in June. That would just be too much fun! I would absolutely love to share my love for cake with this ward! It is really fun for Sister Proctor and me to work together because we have many of the same interests and really understand each other. 

The youth had a little play about scenes from the Book of Mormom
and sang the Army of Helaman song. It was incredible!

This week we were able to do more service for a sister in the ward, to help her with her son's wedding! You know how much I love those kinds of things! It has been really fun helping her get ready. We have some fun service projects lined up this week that we are really excited about! 

There are miracles happening every day here! I can't believe I have been out 11 months now! Where has the time gone?

Much Much Love,
Sister Mason

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