Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference Week!

Mom and Dad,

This week was another great week! One of the best things was that we really tried to have daily contact with our investigators. It was great to stay in regular contact with them, and it even provided opportunities to help and serve them more.
One miracle because of daily contact is that one of our investigators came to the stake center to watch general conference with us! She came to the morning session on Sunday and I was so happy to see her that I almost couldn't contain it. She hasn't been to church with us yet, so I was happy that she came. I was mostly happy because I know that some of the talks were just perfect for what is going on in her life right now. Afterwards she told us that she was watching some of conference online on Saturday too. She told us that she had felt the spirit while watching conference and that she has been able to feel the spirit more in her home lately. We were so excited to hear that! I attribute this miracle to our daily contacting efforts. We got to know her so much more and I feel like she was able to trust us more and really take in the things that we are teaching her.

What a wonderful conference weekend! Most of all, conference was just incredible!! We were able to watch every single session. It was hilarious though because we watched it at the stake center, which means that the only ones there were the missionaries from the stake (there are now 9 sets in the stake) and a few other people.
Our district!
Sister Thurgood, Sister Miller, Sister Proctor, Sister Casper, Me, Sister Mapa,
Elder Atkin, Elder Holthe, Elder Reese, and Elder Kleinman

It was so interesting to listen to conference seeking answers for all our investigators and less active members instead of just listening for myself. Some of the talks were absolutely perfect for some of the people we have been working with lately so Sister Mapa and I were just praying the whole time that they were watching it.
I love Sister Mapa!

Conference was another great excuse to talk to EVERYONE. It seemed like we invited every single person we met to watch general conference. It was a great excuse to drop by and talk to people we haven't seen in a while about conference. Hopefully the investigators and members who watched conference were able to have as great of an experience with conference as I did. Mostly I just feel so blessed, and conference reminds me that God does care what is going on in my life and that he really does want to answer prayers.

A few of my highlights from conference: 
David A. Bednar: having the eyes and ears of faith to recognize blessings in our lives.
Dieter F. Uchtdorf: Why would someone want to join a church that requires so much of its members? This talk seriously helped me with some of our investigators and some less active people that don't really feel like they fit in. There is truly a place in the church for everyone!
Kevin S. Hamilton: he was amazing in general. Fun fact is that he was in the Agoura 1st ward and is now a Seventy in Africa. I was able to meet him very briefly here before him and his wife left for their new calling a few months ago!

Elder Kevin S. Hamilton of the Seventy
From the Agoura 1st Ward

What about all the talks about MEMBER MISSIONARY WORK? Are you all now going to go out and do it? Seriously think about the one person you will share the gospel with before Christmas. I know that if every person sincerely does this, miracles will happen! I hope to hear about your personal member missionary game plan!

We were able to have a lesson with M this week and it was wonderful! The lesson didn't go quite as we had planned, but it was still such a great experience. The best part is that a semi-active member came with us to our lesson and she just contributed wonderful things to the lesson. She was able to share her conversion story and experiences from her life that really helped M with some concerns she had. She really emphasized how important it was for M to read The Book of Mormon to find peace in her life. It was a great lesson and I was mostly happy because I believe the investigator and the member were both able to benefit from it.

We were also able to meet with one of our investigators S. She is the sweetest lady ever. Last week we got the sweetest voicemails to reschedule our appointment with her. She said that she needed a few more days before we met with her because she really wanted to go through and read the material that we left her (pamphlets of the restoration and plan of salvation and the introduction to the Book of Mormon). She seems so sincere and really wants to know if what we tell her is true. One sister from the ward was able to come with us to our lesson and she was incredible! She and S have the same personality and temperament so they instantly got along very well. S accepted the invitation to be baptized and when she prayed at the end of the lesson she prayed so sincerely to know if The Book of Mormon was true and that if what we had taught her is true. I can't wait to hear if she was able to watch general conference this weekend because I know that some of the talks would be complete answers to her prayers. She is absolutely wonderful and I am already so happy to have met her.
Another view of the beautiful Agoura hills!

I still am in love with the beautiful Agoura Hills and the wonderful people we meet here every day! Sister Mapa and I have been getting along tremendously and have already learned so much together.

Sister Mapa and I ordered a brownie sundae to share and
definitely didn't expect it to turn out this ginormous. Mmm!

Love you love you love youuu!!
Sister Mason

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