Monday, September 30, 2013

No More Walking!!

Mom and Dad,

This week was another great week. We were able to meet with two new investigators. We met a very nice older man one day while tracting. He is Baptist but he is open to any kind of gospel discussions. He has had some hard things happen in his family lately, and he just recently went through a divorce. When we met him the first time we invited him to church and he said that he wanted to check it out.  We were able to come back and teach him the restoration lesson and it went great! He was having a hard time wanting to read the Book of Mormon because he is apprehensive about anything other than what he is used to. He is such a great man and we have so much faith in him. We can't wait to go back and see him this week!

The other new investigator is a miracle. We met her while tracting, and out of nowhere we started talking to her about The Plan of Salvation. She said that she was very interested in hearing about God's plan for us but she was busy. This week we were able to go over and teach her The Plan of Salvation and she is just wonderful. She is a young mother with two boys (8 and 4 years old). She is a very sweet woman and just wants to do all she can to raise her children right. When we met with her she had tons of questions but was really interested to see what we had to share with her. We also briefly went over the restoration and she said of course that she would read The Book of Mormon and pray about it. Seriously, she is wonderful!
We also got a car this weekend! Our mission got a shipment of new cars so we were able to pick up our very own car on Saturday. We were happy, but a little sad at the same time. We were sad that we won't be able to see Sister Casper and Sister Proctor as much anymore.

Our new car after being freshly washed at our little district hand car wash!
There are now 10 missionaries in our district, and 6 are sisters!

I am so grateful for the time that we shared a car. It was great to spend a little extra time with Sister Proctor and Sister Casper when we would drop each other off or pick each other up to switch the car. Of course it was difficult and exhausting to walk sometimes, but I know that we were able to find people to teach that we wouldn't have otherwise. One of our new investigators is a perfect example of that. We were able to meet her at the perfect time all because the other Agoura sisters needed the car and dropped us of to tract for a while. We also have talked to other wonderful people and hopefully we can meet with some of them this week!

Sister Casper and I had a little matchy matchy day on Sunday.
We both got twinner skirts at Costco last week.

I have done so much more tracting than I have ever done before, but it is really satisfying. Of course there is not a high percentage of success when we go door to door but it makes it so much more worth it when we find out that most people we have talked to have not seen missionaries for about 5 years. Now that is sad.
It is almost weird to have a car to ourselves again, but  I now understand what a blessing it is to have one. Sharing the car was definitely hard, but I know that it was something that I needed. It tested us to see what all four of us sisters are made of. I think we passed the test because even though it was rough, we had great attitudes and we were able to interact with members from the ward more when they would give us rides.
Hitching a ride with some members
This week we also had interviews with President Castro. He is truly an incredible man. I am so blessed to have him and Sister Castro. It was an amazing experience to meet with him and also talk about goals and things I've been wanting to improve lately. He makes every missionary feel so good about themselves and is very sincere. Yep, I have the best mission and the best mission president! 
While everyone else was in their interviews we had training from the Sister Training Leaders about planning and such. It was an incredible meeting. It's crazy that after every mission meeting we have I feel chastised but also completely motivated at the same time! For example, during that meeting I realized what things I have been doing completely wrong, but afterwards Sister Mapa and I were saying "okay lets go out there and make miracles happen!"
Sisters Mason & Mapa
THIS WEEKEND IS GENERAL CONFERENCE! I have never been so excited for General Conference in my life. I can't wait to hear all the wonderful things that President Monson, the apostles and other speakers will say! Mom, wasn't the General Relief Society broadcast just awesome? Looks like covenant keeping is on everybody's mind! I loved how the speakers talked about how doing simple things, like helping others, is a form of keeping your covenants. Love it! Also, President Monson's talk about prayer is just what I needed to hear. It was so great that he said that we were not sent to this earth to walk alone, and that God promises to be there right beside us if we just ask!
I feel so blessed in every way to be here right now!

-Sister Mason

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