Monday, March 31, 2014

Exchanges, Baptisms, and Looking Forward to General Conference


This week was our exchanges with Sister Randall and Sister Cusick. I stayed with Sister Randall in Ventura and it was such a great day! It was a little strange being with her again, and it was even more strange because she also whitewashed this area just about 6 months ago. It was great being able to teach together. It was almost unbelievable how much we have both changed in the past 9 months! I have calmed down and she is so much more bold now! It was just so great to see! It was a pretty typical day, but I wanted to work on using the Book of Mormon more when contacting people, and sharing meaningful scriptures with them out of it.
One wonderful thing that happened was when we went to see a less-active woman. We have been trying to visit her for the past few weeks, but have been unable to meet with her for whatever reason. It was great to go over to her house with Sister Randall because she had a really great relationship with this woman when she was here. We were able to meet with her and I got to know her more! She was so excited to see Sister Randall and she even started to cry when we left. It was really precious, and it was great to see that this exchange opened at least one door for us!

My reunion with the wonderful Sister Randall!

We had a great lesson with T about the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. This was Sister James' first time teaching this lesson. I just let her go ahead and teach the Law of Chastity, and she did such a great job! She was very nervous and felt really awkward about it, but she did absolutely wonderfully!
He understood everything we taught him, and why we ask him to live these things, but he is really still struggling with quitting smoking. We are meeting with him again tonight and he will be getting a priesthood blessing to help him quit. I am really excited for that because I know it will truly help him so much.
Pray for him that he will be able to stop smoking! I know that prayers definitely work because I have felt all the prayers from back home pushing me along, even when times are hard or I am too exhausted to even think straight! Keep him in mind!
He came to church again this week and he stayed for the Gospel Principles class for the first time! He really enjoyed it and it was great to have him there. I really think that coming to all the meetings each Sunday will help him progress faster and help him feel the spirit more in his life!
We are really excited for him and how he is progressing, but we are just praying that he will be able to quit smoking ASAP.  Tomorrow he will be coming to the baptism of Isaac, an amazing man who Sister Hegstrom and Sister Bartschi are teaching. We hope that will inspire him even more as he prepares for his baptism!
Sister James and I decided to throw everyone off and switch our hair!
She went for the straight Sister Mason hair and I went with the curly Sister James hair :)

Funny thing about the baptism tomorrow... Sister Hegstrom and Sister Bartschi asked Sister James and me to sing at the baptism. Sister James and I are basically just average singers, but I think it will be great! We are singing "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" (the version from the 17 Miracles movie) "a capella". Wish us luck! Honestly, who would have ever thought that I would be singing duets here on my mission? Not me!
There are so many things we do every day that I would've never imagined me doing in any other situation! This mission has absolutely blessed my life. I am so thankful that it takes me way out of my comfort zone every single day and pushes me to become a better person! I truly have learned so much about myself and about my Savior. It has been such a wonderful experience and such a blessing!

We were able to meet with D again this week! Sister Randall and I saw her on our exchange and we reviewed the Plan of Salvation with her. We basically had her teach us the whole lesson, and she did such a great job! She was a little confused about the spirit world, and what happens before the resurrection, but the young woman we brought with us was able to explain it more to her. D really thought that was interesting. Honestly, she is doing so well! We are thinking that we will ask her if she would move up her baptism by a few weeks because she has been taught everything and she is SO ready. She is really one of the sweetest girls ever!

We have been helping a member organize tons of things in her house.
Our latest project has been going through documents and such that
were drenched in the rain a few weeks ago and are all mildewed.

This week we had many great experiences with some less-active members! One was with a sweet less-active man. An incredible member came along with us. We make sure in every lesson we teach him to tie it back to how it will help him prepare to go to the temple and be endowed. We are really persistent with him because we want so badly for him to have the blessings in his life that come from going to the temple!
This week we had a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and talked the whole time about preparing to go to the temple. It was honestly one of the best lessons we've had because the spirit was so strong. The member we brought is such an incredible person. She helped so much, and also the whole time we talked about the blessings we have seen from being able to go to the temple.
We made a few Rolo pretzels and gave them out to people
this week with information about watching conference!

 We made little handwritten handouts with the information about how to watch General Conference, and we have been passing those out like crazy. We have been going around to many less-actives who aren't really keen on talking to us. We have just shared with them about General Conference and left them with that information. It has been really great to use that to visit a few more people this week, and who knows, maybe little efforts like dropping off information about Conference will soften their hearts!

I absolutely LOVED the General Women's session of General Conference. It was so inspired! One of our investigators came and it really touched her heart! She has been having such a hard time with her daughter and granddaughter and it was just really what she needed to hear that day. I loved that they  talked about uniting together as sisters no matter our ages, and how much they talked about keeping covenants! I was teary-eyed the whole time. It was so great! I am more than excited for all the wonderful things they will talk about in General Conference this weekend!
My donut obsession in Ventura :) 85 cents of pure delight!

It has been an all around great week! We are struggling right now trying to find new people to teach, but we are trying really hard to talk to as many people as we can, and trying different ways of finding people. We hope and pray we will be able to find some new investigators. Sister James and I are still working hard and enjoying every minute of it!
Much Much Love,
Sister Mason

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